International Prayer-Warriors Solidarity Prayer Chain For Canadian Truckers

At the request of a behind-the-scenes organizer of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada, the Antiglobalist World Alliance’s (AWA’s) Global Solidarity Union (GSU) announces it is organizing an International Prayer-Warriors Solidarity Prayer Chain to give public and private prayer support for the Canadian truckers in their non-violent attempt to end all pandemic mandates and restrictions in Canada and throughout the world. These mandates have a special ill effect on democratic civil liberties considered as a whole and on young children especially. They must be peacefully stopped immediately, worldwide.

Canadian truckers and religious leaders are playing for keeps. They are in this fight to win it, and they are not backing down. Many of these valiant men and women are saying, “I’m doing this for my children and grandchildren—so they can live in a free country and a free world!” They deserve worldwide spiritual, financial and psychological support.

As part of this international Solidarity Prayer Chain, we ask everyone involved, whether denominationally religious or not, to promise the organizers of the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy to commit to do the following 3 things on a daily basis on behalf of the truckers:

  1. Pray;
  2. Do some sort of fasting; and
  3. Make some daily sacrifice or almsgiving.

Since many of these truckers are Catholics, we call upon nuns (including cloistered nuns), priests (including friars and monastics) in Canada and throughout the world to be Warriors of silent, and where possible, vocal saying of the rosary.

If possible send photos videos of these activities and other publicity (even older promotional photos), to the Antiglobalist World Alliance.

We will put what we can on our website and forward everything we receive to news outlets and truckers to let them know freedom loving people of good will everywhere are in Solidarity with them in this crucial spiritual war for the future of the free, civilized world!

Publicly show them not to worry. Let them know: Truckers, we are with you. We have your backs. We have got this. You have the mandate masters are on the run. You are not alone in your now or never fight to help liberate the entire world!

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