The Return Of Humanity

The Human Race says—No!

Read the Manifestos. Download them and spread the word. Sign them, and ask others to. In the words of Thomas Paine: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

In a recent interview, Bishop Athanasius Schneider spoke of a need to have “a world-wide alliance of people” who will “resist this new dictatorship” enforced under the “pretext of health care.” Then he gave this call to action: “We have to resist them with all the means which we have.”

Why Are We Doing This?

The free human soul in commonsense touch with reality is humanity’s greatest power—and we shall never trade it in for any promise of “security.” In the words of Thomas Paine, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

The contemporary world is increasingly becoming subjected to arbitrary totalitarian political mandates that fly in the face of ordinary common sense and of the exercise of traditional Western and global civil liberties and natural human rights. This is obvious to anyone with political common sense—whether liberal, conservative, or of any other political persuasion.

Those who really defend civil liberties and natural human rights do not seek to silence the free speech of those who disagree with them, nor drive it from the public square. Nor do they demonize as conspiracy theorists those who intellectually oppose them. And they do not engage in practices that violate the Nuremberg Code, let alone seek to overturn it as antiquated.

Given the continual growth and expansion of arbitrary totalitarian political mandates made under the guise of universal healthcare and welfare, on Christmas Day 2021, leading intellectuals and shapers of public opinion from different professions in the US and abroad met online to affix their signatures to a historic Global Renaissance Manifesto. They did so to mark the temporal starting point, on an international scale, of a contemporary common sense cultural rebirth, analogous to several historical renaissances that have previously existed within the West (such as the 8th-9th century Carolingian Renaissance and the 14th-century Italian Renaissance).

At some historical point, a culture tends to enter an extreme of decay. When this happens, individual and cultural common sense tend to become lost. For the cultural common good, a cultural rebirth needs to happen. The signatories of this Christmas 2021 Manifesto agree that the contemporary world has reached such an extreme of decay globally. Hence, the need to issue this historic Manifesto to inaugurate a World Cultural Renaissance to restore common sense to our institutions worldwide and oppose growing world totalitarianism, which has led to unprecedented denial of traditional civil liberties and natural human rights.

The Time Of Restoration Has Come

Achieving this restoration of cultural common sense is the communal work of rational animals considered as complete human persons—individual men and women working together as a whole human community. Such work involves harmonizing unequal talents of intellect, will, emotions and personal qualities involving truth, goodness, beauty, unity, and love.

Abstract syllogistic reason directing individual actions without being able to sense and love individual truth and beauty in the individual situation (a head without a heart) is cold, barbaric, monstrous. So, too, is a rationally blind love of truth that cannot sense real good and evil, beauty and ugliness, in the individual situation (a heart without a head).

Common Sense: Humanity’s Power

Even brute animals have the ability to sense real animal good and evil. Only some human beings, however, as prudentially guided animals, are able to do so with common sense. The moral virtue of prudence enables the human heart to have a commonsense head in the individual situation. And a culture that loses its moral prudence (such as contemporary global culture) is one adrift, being led by heads without hearts and hearts without heads.

Intellectual arrogance and cold reason melt when the human heart wants the true good of others. The work of the healthy heart is primarily the work of prudentially guided understanding and love exercised by prudentially guided men and women. Only a cooperative effort of such men and women of commonsense understanding and good will can effect the Commensense Global Renaissance we are seeking to realize with the help of this Manifesto. Hence, we ask such men and women to please read this document, download it, and share it others.

And if this endeavor is work in which you would like to participate, please consider signing the Manifestos and joining us in building a truly human future.

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